JIN Corporation provides consulting services for international cooperation and assistance to the developing world. We address issues and challenges that people face in the developing world through our services.


JIN Corporation entered its 10th year in February 2020.


We started as a very small company. However, just like a tree, we have been growing slowly and steadily every year to reach this stage. We owe all this to the people in the developing world who are always seriously engaged with us, the clients teamed up with us to solve issues and challenges, and, most of all, our employees who always sincerely tackle their tasks.


There is one thing that sticks in our minds since the establishment. How can we realize a “people-centred” company? A company that thinks primarily about the people in the developing world; that respects their perspectives and cultures; and that puts people in the developing world in the centre. A company that is always considerate and respectful to the clients for their satisfaction. A company that seriously pursues happiness of every employee. These are the visions we have been aiming for.


The goal is still ahead of us, yet it seems that we started seeing what is “people-centred”.


Our initial resolution was to build our company lasting for 100 years. We have reached merely one tenth of it, and we will commit ourselves to making sincere, unsparing and persistent efforts to provide high quality services to our clients for their full satisfaction. We will continuously and tirelessly challenge ourselves to new fields and difficulties to realize the “people-centred” company.


“Act with passion, bring happiness to others”


We as JIN Corporation will exert all our strength to provide our best services to the people in need for their happy smiles.


Yasuo Ohno


JIN Corporation