It is more than 50 years since Japan started development assistance, but many people in the developing world still face the challenges of poverty. There is a widening disparity in people’s living standards, both within individual countries and between countries, due to the global economy. This is further complicated by environmental degradation and regional conflicts.


We should not rely only on government Official Development Assistance (ODA) to address the problems of people and communities living in poverty. We must take innovative measures to mobilize all stakeholders including increased community ownership; regional economic development by private companies; long-term, community-based support by NGOs; an interdisciplinary approach by universities etc.


JIN Corporation was founded in February 2011. We provide consulting services to address the issues and challenges that people face in the developing world, with the aim of building their capacity to improve their lives. Our areas of specialization are agricultural and rural development, environmental issues, health, education, governance, and private sector development with an emphasis on improving people’s livelihoods.


JIN Corporation is exploring new ways to do development cooperation, by connecting stakeholders so they can capitalize on their strengths. This will allow efficient, effective use of resources and maximize the benefits for the target communities.


We also believe in engaging with local Japanese communities, such as those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.


“Act with passion, provide professional services to improve people's lives,”


We are committed to satisfying people’s basic needs – food on the table, education and health services, responsible government at all levels etc.


Yasuo Ohno


JIN Corporation